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IndieGogo Campaign

Ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time in every clowns life when they must get serious and for me, that time is now. The Dead Man’s Carnival needs your help. We are looking to raise enough money for us poor carnies to have a show in 2015, but that might not happen. That’s why we are raising money for us to continue doing what we love!

Also, in true carnival fashion, there are prizes to be won for every little amount of money you give, from $1 (Your name on our Facebook page, thanking our contributors) all the way up to $2,500! (A complete Carnival show, with band and live acts!)

So please remember to give whatever you can, and of course, have a great day!                                                                     IndieGogo Campaign!

What is The Dead Mans Carnival?

The Dead Man’s Carnival is the largest monthly variety show in the midwest, featuring entertainment the likes of which you’ve never seen!

You’ll see impossible feats of juggling, skill and daring!

You’ll enjoy the most tantalizingly beautiful burlesque you’ve ever seen!

You’ll witness magicians making mystical miracles manifest!

You’ll cry laughing at the antics of our physical comedians!

You’ll be in awe as our sideshow performers risk life and limb for your amusement!

You’ll gasp as our aerial daredevils perform acts on trapeze, the lyra and the exotic silks!

You’ll stare in wonder at the variety of dance and movement exhibited!

Your jaw will drop at the sight of the performers who have tamed the element of fire itself!

All this and more, while being serenaded by the toe tapping talented live band featuring music as diverse as jazz, ska, blues, swing, rock, alternative and much much more!

Our regular monthly show is performed on the First Friday of every month, from February to November, at the historic Miramar Theatre! We are also available for private hire gigs, and have performed at Turner Hall Ballroom, The Oriental Theatre, The Majestic in Madison and many other venues!